Jon B.
(telephone) (314) 713-2753
bollingerarms @ gmail dot com

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  1. Good afternoon Jon,

    I was trolling the LWRC forums and saw one of your posts and I am going to be an opportunist and see if all of the LWRC ICs you ordered are spoken for. I would really like an IC but if I can’t get one of those I would settle for an M6A5 (like that would be settling!)

    Thanks for your time,

    • Sam, we’re unable to get anything right now. In my personal opinion, moving forward, now would be an ideal time to invest in a loader and a hunt for 5.56 brass. My supplier is out, and there is no date for restock. Even then, we’re seeing things in and out so quick that it’s absurd. Thanks for writing. All the best.

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